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During their fun conversation, Ashley gave us a lot of inside information about who she is as an artist, her rituals before a show, her pet peeves, who her inspiration is and so much more. From her style, to her personal life, and favorite food, Ashley talked with us about everything.

She admits that she had to be vulnerable in order to put all her songs on her highly anticipated new record, as it is a journey of her life the past couple of years. Her favorite song off the new album is titled, "Like I'll Never Love Again", which she explains was very emotional to sing. Further explaining that every song on this record shows how she has evolved, she announced that the title of this labor of love is appropriately titled, Evolution.

Ashley was on point and ready to rock during this particular show, and that is exactly what she did. From her fringe to her hair, her high energy performance, and killer vocals, Ashley had the crowd eating out of her palms and thirsting for more. The chemistry between her and her band mates was equally as thrilling, though her duet cover of "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" was definitely a fan favorite and well executed. Watch our video now for the fitting reason behind this special performance and so much more.

We love Lauren Ashley and the Trainwreckers and we know you will too. Remember to send a shout out and follow them on all social media. Just do not follow them home, as that would be "Creepy". Until next time guys, stay tuned. ~Missy